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782 BC
Central Armenia
300 sq.km
1.2 millions
Total Area
Yerevan the Capital of Armenia
  Yerevan. The Capital of Armenia. Yerevan sights. Tourist attractions.







  Armenia. Yerevan. Capital City. Yerevan Sights.
  Architecture, Art Galleries, Museums. Hotels, Accommodation.

::::::: Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is a modern, colorful city, situated in the Northeastern part of the Ararat Valley. Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world. The fortress Erebuni was founded by King Argishty of Urartu in 782 BC. The Urartu Kingdom was a powerful & highly developed civilization. Thus, according to cuneiform 'passport' of Yerevan, it's almost 3000 years old. The reconstructed ruins of the fortress Erebuni & museum are located in the Southeastern part of the city. The feast 'Erebuni Yerevan', devoted to the establishment of Yerevan city, are celebrated every year in October.

::::::: Yerevan is a political, administrative, commercial & financial, as well as cultural & educational centre of Armenia. It occupies a territory of about 300 sq.km & its population is about 1.2 million. There is numerous state & private universities, a great number of schools, colleges & libraries in the city. Yerevan is a centre of national Armenian & international political, business & scientific events, such as conferences, congresses, symposia, forums, seminars, exhibitions, as well as cultural & sport events like festivals, sport competitions & artistic tours.

::::::: Architecture of today's Yerevan combines the elements of past & present. According to the outstanding architect Alexander Tamanyan's design Yerevan has radial-circular arrangement. Many buildings, located at the central part of Yerevan, had been designed by Alexander Tamanyan. It's worth to mention an architectural complex of the Republic Square and the building of Opera & Ballet Theatre. The beautiful houses & buildings in Yerevan, constructed of basalt, marble, onyx, volcanic tuffa-stone, blend well with broad lines of the streets & avenues, green parks & vast squares. There are also a numerous fountains in Yerevan, that present you freshness in hot summer period. An integral part of panorama of Yerevan is Biblical Mt. Ararat, symbol of Armenia, just situated out of border.

::::::: Yerevan of today offers hundreds of spots of leisure, dining, eating out & entertainment - restaurants with traditional Armenian, Caucasian, European, Chinese, eastern & other national cuisines, cafes, bistros, bars, discotheques, disco & night clubs, as well as leisure, sport & entertainment centers, where one can relax & taste the hottest attractions of the city. In addition, there are a number of casinos in Yerevan, where you can try your fortune. Most of Yerevan restaurants offer Armenian traditional gourmet dishes, live music, Armenian folk music, pop music. You can taste and enjoy Armenian and other national dishes at numerous Yerevan restaurants, taverns, pubs. Most of Armenian tour agencies offer Yerevan tours, sightseeing tours, daily guided tours, excursions, walking trips around the Yerevan city.

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  • ::::::: Yerevan offers plenty of choice of accommodation for guests coming to visit Armenia - from five-stars hotels to private houses & small hotels. As to shopping, there is a great variety of specialized stores, trade centers & fairs throughout the city. Every Saturday & Sunday so-called Vernisage, an open-air fair, offers all kinds of Armenian souvenirs & crafts, folk art items, paintings, stone decorative items, wood-carving & ceramic items, embroideries, carpets & carpetings, gold & silver jewelry, etc.

    ::::::: A fans of history & culture can find many places of interest, such as museums, historic monuments & sites, art galleries, theatres, an opera & ballet theatre, concert halls. It is worth to mention the Matenadaran - one of the biggest world depositories of ancient illuminated manuscripts. Over 10000 manuscripts, written in Armenian, Greek, Latin, Arabic & other languages, are preserved here. Many of this contain valuable, even unique information on the history of Trans-Caucasus, Iran, Russia, Byzantium, etc. In the art galleries of Yerevan are exhibited both local & world known artists, traditional & avant garde art. The National Art Gallery contains expositions of Armenian, Russian & European famous masters of art - Aivazovsky, Saryan, Gyurjyan, Kojoyan, Perov, Bryulov, Repin, Surikov, Serov, Rubens, Van Dyck etc.

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